Councilman, Pastors Arrested At Protest Against NYC’s Plan To Ban Worship Services At Schools: Why Is There So Much Prejudice For God?

We have never heard of so much rejection to spread the message of Jesus Christ in America.  Possibly, we God-fearing Christians are dealing with so much prejudice, because Jesus Christ is abiding in all of us and Satan does not know how to deal with it.   Minister Mary K. Baxter who went on a tour with Jesus Christ to hell allegedly witnessed setting up people on earth who were not serving him to be harassed by demons within souls who did not belong to God.  If you ever wondered by you have been enduring so many trials as Christian, Satan has been on an assignment to destroy God's children and does not want us to minister to souls on their way to hell.   Public schools that usually welcomed worship services on a Sunday morning and through the week now are rejecting born again believers from doing so.  A councilman and pastors were arrested at a protest against the city’s plans to evict worship services from school buildings.   Doesn't this remind you of how African Americans were banned in public places during the civil rights movement?  We would like to see what would occur if homosexual ministries would change places, would they be kicked out?  

We feel the solution to this problem is for these pastors to raise money and find a location to have their church services, which may seem very difficult, but even if it takes raising money by selling pastries and dinners, God will appreciate it, because these lost souls will not have to miss out on becoming born again Christians.  Maybe it once was the best way to start a church by using public schools, but because there is so much evil and rejection against God's Word, there must be a better way to avoid conflict.  According to reports, city officials say their actions are because of the separation between church and state.  Really?  Then why aren't they seeing it that way when it comes to certain churches preaching against homosexuality and same sex marriage.  Many times, they protect the needs of the gay and lesbian community, but freedom of religion and high respect for God's Word has been irrelevant, in these recent years.  This is nothing more than a demonic force Mary K. Baxter was talking about, Satan has a big screen in hell and he is using people who are his children to harass children of God.

We feel these pastors in New York should just dust their feet and raise money for a building, because we as born again Christians must defeat Satan with a strategy to win more souls for God's Kingdom.  There is no time to waste just because New York city officials do not see things our way and disrespect God's Kingdom.   Also, much fasting and prayer is needed to defeat Satan.  Therefore, let us all unite against the prejudice against God and His Word, in the 21st century.

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Several pastors and a New York City councilman have been arrested at a protest against the city’s plans to evict worship services from school buildings.

Seven demonstrators, including Councilman Fernando Cabrera, were charged with trespass Thursday.

“We were praying and we sang a song,” Cabrera told 1010 WINS. “The event took like 2 minutes and we were arrested — which is a lot shorter than the Occupy Wall Street people had the opportunity to stand.”

Police said the group refused to move from the entrance to the city’s Law Department in Manhattan.
“Now I have to go home and explain to my grandson, who was scared for his granddaddy, why...Read full article, here. 

Listen to Mary K. Baxter's Testimony

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