Apple Will Use Hydrogen Battery

Computer company based in the U.S. Califorma, Apple, make a new breakthrough by using a hydrogen-powered batteries.

The plan, these batteries can be used in all Apple products output either the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. In addition, a new type of battery is also capable of improving image quality.

Hydrogen battery cells can make computers and mobile phones last longer than conventional lithium batteries. At least such electronic devices capable of burning for weeks. The application of hydrogen batteries also make the weight the device becomes much lighter.

America patent institute recently issued two patents for Apple. From these two patents, one for electric fuel cell technology for smart-phones, laptops, and tablets of the future.

Reported by The Telegraph, hydrogen battery is composed of water in which there are elements of hydrogen and oxygen to generate electrical energy. This study has been tested in cars and military purposes.
Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device. (Picture from: 
Plan the use of hydrogen fuel will not only remove the batteries that are large and heavy, but also will be helpful for environmental sustainability.

By switching from a standard battery that uses toxic chemicals to hydrogen, the waste generated new technologies are only water and electric energy. This breakthrough is actually not something that is surprising for Apple lovers because earlier these companies also have been throwing the issue to the manufacture of hydrogen-based batteries. *** [ID | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 05012012]
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