Outgoing Mississippi Governor Barbour Pardons Four Killers: Is This God's Will?

We sympathize with the families who are very upset, regarding their family member's alleged killers being set free.  However, we have got to think about God using Governor Barbour to set these prisoners free, regardless of the crime.   Governor Barbour can also being remembered for releasing the two African American sisters, 36-year-old Gladys Scott and Jamie Scott, 38-year-old who were allegedly both accused of murder and served 16 years in prison.  The only way the sisters were able to be released was for 36-year-old Gladys Scott's to give her kidney to Jamie, her 38-year-old sister, who requires daily dialysis, which was very thoughtful of the governor.  Now, before he leaves office he is just doing one more good deed for four more prisoners whom were accused of murder and serving life sentence, they will enjoy freedom, all because Governor Barbour set them free.   

As we mentioned before, Gladys and Jamie Scott were released from prison over a year ago.   The sisters were convicted in 1994 of leading two men into an ambush in central Mississippi the year before. Teenagers hit each man in the head with a shotgun and took their wallets - making off with only $11, court records said. Because civil rights advocates fought for their release, Governor Barbour paid attention to their plea.   Now, this case involving these four killers being released from prison, we feel possibly Governor Barbour is being led by God.   For those of you reading this post, you may not claim to have ever murdered anyone, but in God's Word, it says hatred in your heart for another human being is the same and God forgave every last person when they repented and then, they were totally set free (I John 3:15).  You may have not been incarcerated for hating anybody, but God could not forgive you, unless you forgave them.  Therefore, when prisoners are released from prison, it is a spiritual matter and God has a lot to do with Governor Barbour's decision to give them freedom.  When you are truly saved, you can see this scenario and you can easily minister to those in prison.  This is the very reason why many churches do not even consider those in prison, especially in this era of mega ministries whom are depending on tithes and offerings for their income. 

We feel there is a great possibility Governor Barbour is a born again Christian, which is unlike many politicians who do not have mercy on those whom have made very bad decisions in their lives.   Governor Barbour seems to care about humanity and has made a point to prove it before he leaves office.  

Our American society is very strange, many felt very sad when Michael Jackson died, regardless of him being accused of child molestation, but cannot understand Governor Barbour's consideration to release these four alleged killers and also the two sisters over a year ago.

It is time for children of God not to be a part of an unforgiving society, but to understand God is a merciful Creator and He has power to work through gentle hearts of mankind like Governor Haley Barbour.  He wants us to build His Kingdom by ministering to those who are outcasts in society, not just the alcoholics, drug dealers and drug users.  God is looking for us to win souls whom have committed the worst kind of crimes, even if the average person cannot agree or understand.  If this was God's will, we have to agree with it.

Of course, along with the prisoners, whether they have just been released or yet incarcerated, we send our prayers out for the families of the deceased victims. 

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(CNN) -- In his last days in office, outgoing Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour pardoned four men convicted of murder, a state official said Monday.

David Gatlin, Joseph Ozment, Charles Hooker and Anthony McCray received full pardons and were released at 1 p.m. Sunday, said Suzanne Singletary, spokeswoman for the Mississippi Department of Corrections. All four were serving life sentences and worked as trusties at the governor's mansion, she said.

"It is at any governor's discretion," said Singletary.

Gatlin was convicted of murder, aggravated assault and burglary of a residence, she said. Ozment was convicted of murder, conspiracy and armed robbery in a separate case. Both inmates were at minimum security level, she said.

Hooker was convicted in a 1991 murder, while McCray was convicted in a 2001 murder, Singletary said. The governor also recently pardoned Nathan Kern, who was serving a life sentence for burglary, she said.

Families of the men's victims told CNN affiliates WAPT and WLBT they are outraged by Barbour's decision.

Attempts by CNN on Monday to reach Barbour's office for comment on the pardons were...Read full article, here. 

Source: CNN 
Source: wlbt.com


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