Tea and the Risk of Heart Attack

While many people prefer being cautious about taking too much tea at home or workplace, researchers now suggest that by taking three cups a day, it can reduce your risk of heart attack by 60 percent and dramatically reduce diabetes threat.

Similarly, medical experts declared in London on Sunday (01/01/2012). The researchers believe  as Zeenews quoted saying that a cup of tea that is rich in anti-oxidants may help prevent two of the three cases of death from heart attack.

By drinking tea, we can prevent blood clots in the arteries, blood pressure control, and the arteries of the inhibition of blood flow. This conclusion is the result of a review of 40 research papers by Dr. Carrie Ruxton and Dr. Pamela Mason associated with black tea and the prevention of disease.

They concluded that black tea is efficacious in providing a significant body protection. Dr. Ruxton and Dr. Mason estimates that people who drink 3-6 cups of tea a day can lower the risk of heart disease by 30 to 57 percent compared to people who never drank or who drank tea in small quantities.

"From the evidence and the results of existing research, regular consumption of black tea affect to reduction cardiovascular disease risk and diabetes," said Dr. Ruxton.

"Though the amount required to produce such benefits should be the subject of further research, three to six cups of black tea daily appears to contribute to cardiovascular health." *** [JAM | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 05012012]
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