Erupted Continuously For 29 Years

Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has not stopped erupting since 29 years ago. On 3 January, volcano eruptions celebrated 29 years without stopping it.
Kilauea іѕ аn active volcano located іn thе Hawaiian Islands. (Picture from:
Kilauea means "bursts" or "very widespread" in the Hawaiian language, which refers to the lava continued to gush. The volume of volcanic materials spewed it has covered the area big enough to pave the way around the earth three times, and make Kilauea become one of the most active volcanoes on this blue planet. Hawaii residents who were born after January 3, 1983 have never seen a clean of Kilauea summit lava bursts.

"It may seem strange to us, because the children on the island to see Mount Kilauea erupt throughout their life, but it's not unusual for Kilauea," said Janet Babb, a geologist at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.
The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory on the rim of Kīlauea Caldera. (Picture from:
Hawaii volcano monitoring agency is commemorating 29 years Kilauea eruption by holding a public lecture on the history of the volcano. In 2011, volcanic eruptions shows an exciting development. Lava ejected from a new vent in the gap zone, near the crater Napau. The fracture is a fraction of a volcano that is open to form a straight line. The new vent, named Kamoamoa, has created a lava flow that is very high.

In December last year, scientists reported finding a number of lava produced by Kilauea eruptions throughout history's most deadly, killing more than 400 people in November 1790. Now people can walk by the river of lava flowed down from the brow of the hill and towards the sea.

Eruption of "friendly" is not dangerous, unless there are people who act stupid by trying to approach the hot lava that .*** [LIVESCIENCE | KORAN TEMPO 37590]
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