Paula White’s Without Walls Central Church is Now Harbor of Hope Church

Paula White
Paula White must be having either a great New Year or she's found a slick way to increase her income on the backs of those who were brainwashed by her.
Either way, she is now officially New Destiny Christian Center's new pastor and, in our opinion, the fraudulent successor of the late Pastor Zachery Tims. While the the NDCC church board allowed Paula White to sliver her way into another 'empire', they purposely ignored Pastor Riva Tims because they knew she could never sue them under contract she signed after the divorce.
So now that, Pastor Riva Tims has withdrawn her lawsuit due to the above mentioned reasons, Paula White has now found one more way to rack in the cash. You may remember, we reported news about Without Walls Central Church had not held services since at least August. Lakeland Electric disconnected the church's electric service because they say its owner, White of Without Wall Church in Tampa had too many missed payments. A city spokesman named Kevin Cook stated Without Walls owed more than $50,000 in unpaid bills. Lakeland Electric even applied the church's deposit of $51,180, he said, which left the owners with a balance of $2,953.79.
Our journalists have found that Pastor Paula White has kept things under wraps over at Without Walls Central. No one know knew, until now, that...

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Paula White’s Without Walls Central Church is Now Under New Pastoral Leadership | AT2W


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