Chimpanzees Understand Their Interlocutors

Chimpanzees seem to consider who the other person before they establish communication. The researchers found that wild chimpanzees are more likely to see venomous snakes make "warning signs" are addressed to other chimpanzees who did not see the threat.
These findings suggest that the primates' understanding of the mindset "of other primates. Research opposition possessed extraordinary intelligence of primates will be published in the journal Current Biology by scientists from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

To find out how the chimpanzees "talk" to each other about the threat, the scientists placed a plastic snake (of the type gaboon vipers are usually lethal) to a normal road through wild chimpanzees.

When the chimpanzees saw a plastic snake within close range, he jumped up spontaneously. But they will not cry, "said Dr. Catherine Crockford, a researcher from the University of St Andrews. After jumping away, each chimpanzee approached the plastic snake will return again, but with more caution. And this time, they will make a low voice" hoo "if encounter any other chimp approached.

Indeed, a number of other animals do the same. But what is new here is that the chimps seemed to be "tuned" to give warning. Not to "who the other person intended", but "what there is to know the other person".

Chimpanzees appear to be motivated to communicate relevant information with other individuals. These findings provide important knowledge about the factors that may have "started" a more complex way of communication.

Matthew Cobb, a professor of zoology at the University of Manchester, explained that "to imagine what other people think" is an important part of human language. "This research gives us some knowledge, that man is no longer so unique," said Cobb. *** [GUARDIAN | BBC NATURE | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI]
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