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The ex-boyfriend of missing Michelle Parker, Dale Smith loses custody of his twins after being labeled the primary suspect. The couple were previously seen on The People's Court and now Parker has been missing for more than a month since the show aired.   We do not know how Dale Smith could be so foolish, if he is responsible for her disappearance, because their court case was seen on national television and now used as evidence against him.   We pray for Michelle Parker's two children and thank God for the court system, because they are better off without their father, if he is guilty.

Michelle Parker was last seen on November 17, 2011.  The 33-year-old mother has vanished and her mother has been in tears every since.  Meanwhile, Michelle Parker's mother has not given up hope.  

We pray this woman be found not dead.  However like the Karen Swift case, we continue to speak to the angry hearts of ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, please respect the ex-love of your life and do not kill.  In Exodus 20:13, God left a biblical scripture for humanity and that is: 'Thou Shall Not Kill'.  Of course, we have no idea what could be going on in your broken relationship, but it cannot be so bad to take another person's life.  Would you want someone doing the same thing to you.   Think about it, if Dale Smith has something to do with the disappearance of Michelle Parker, he will be brought to justice.  If you have been angry at your ex-girlfriend or estranged wife, do you think it is worth it to face a life sentence or the death penalty?  Worst than that, hell if you do not repent.  Let us forewarn you, bow down on your knees and pray, if ever you feel so angry, you want to harm the person you once claim to be in love with.  This goes for you women too. Do not kill your ex-boyfriend or husband, if he leaves you for another woman or for whatever reason, because revenge is not worth it.  If he left you for another woman, let her have him and let God deal with him.  We want to encourage you men and women to seek God, love Him more than the person you once were in a relationship with or still in a relationship.  If you become so obsessed with a person, you will not regard how God feels and do something so stupid, you cannot change. 

Let us pray for Michelle Parker and her family.  Let's pray Michelle Parker is safe and no harm has been done to her.  Furthermore, if Dale Smith has something to do with her disappearance, let us pray he turns his life over to Jesus Christ and turns himself into the law.  God bless.

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SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) -The family of missing mother Michelle Parker, who vanished more than a month ago, continues to hold out hope.

The mother of three, the 33-year-old Parker was last seen on Nov. 17. It was the same day an episode of "The People's Court" aired in which Parker and 40-year-old ex-fiancé Dale Smith argued over who was responsible for the cost of a missing $5,000 engagement ring.

Authorities say Smith is their only suspect at this point, though he has not been charged in her disappearance.

On Monday her mother, Yvonne Stewart, spoke to FOX 35 about her daughter and spending Christmas without her. "I don't think family could be any closer than we are," she said.  "We live together, we talk everyday, we hang out together and every holiday we're always together."

Stewarts says the family spent Christmas Eve with Parker's three-kids. "It was just a hard day for sure, we opened presents with Austin and the twins and we just wandered where she is," she said with tears in her eyes.

"And, the kids ask everyday, where's mommy? We're not going to lie...Read full story, here.

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