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Uric acid is often blamed if someone is experiencing joint pain. Not only among patients who experienced even a few doctors who see patients with joint pain was there who still think so. This is obtained from a survey of approximately 200 general practitioners some time ago. In fact, disease joint pain caused by uric acid is only a small fraction of all complaints of joint pain.
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In addition there is a perception in the community to avoid green vegetables and nuts if you experience joint pain, either because of uric acid or not. It is not scientifically proven. Similarly, lowering uric acid medication (allopurinol) which are often incorrectly used for joint pain. Though the drug can not eliminate the pain, In fact, sometimes the effects of the drug was causing increasing pain, or it can cause severe allergic reactions, until kerasakan kidneys and death.

Rheumatism is a collection of diseases with abnormalities of the skeletal-muscle (musculoskeletal) and joints, including abnormalities in connective tissue. There are over one hundred kinds of diseases that can cause sore muscles and joints. And, rheumatic diseases due to increased uric acid levels in the blood (hyperuricemia) is only one of a wide range of existing disease.

Data from Rheumatology-Poly of Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung during January to December 2010 show, approximately 73 percent of patients who come for treatment of joint pain have osteoarthritis or known as calcification and not the result of uric acid. Only about 3.3 percent who experience joint pain caused by elevated levels of uric acid or arthritis known as gout. The prevalence of gout arthritis in the world ranges from 1-2 percent and experienced a twofold increase compared to the previous two decades. In Indonesia, the prevalence of gout arthritis is not certain and quite variable from one region to another. A study in Central Java get gout arthritis prevalence of 1.7 percent, while in Bali found the prevalence of hyperuricemia reach 8.5 percent.

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So what is gout arthritis? Gout arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joints that can cause very severe pain, accompanied by swollen, warm, sometimes redness of the affected joints and difficult to be moved. The disease is caused by crystal deposition of monosodium urate (MSU) in joints that trigger inflammatory reactions. This situation is associated with elevated levels of uric acid in the blood (hiperarisemia). However, people who have hyperuricemia is not necessarily suffer gout arthritis.

Elevated levels of uric acid in the blood of a person related to two factors: excessive production (overproduction) or expenditures decreased uric acid (underexcretiori) through the kidneys or a combination of both.

Anyone can be affected? Gouty arthritis is generally found in men of all ages, most commonly in the fifth or sixth decade. However, in women are generally found in the elderly (seniors) or after menopause. Factors that may increase the risk of occurrence of gout arthritis, among others, comorbid diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure (hypertension), and high-purine diet and alcohol consumption. In addition, certain drugs can lead to decreased excretion of uric acid. For example, a diuretic drug used in patients with heart disease or pyrazinamide is used in patients with tuberculosis.

If not treated the right way can lead to arthritis gout attacks are repeated, be accompanied by the formation of chronic joint disease tofus (lump filled with crystals of uric acid) and can cause various complications in addition to damage to the joint itself. Possible complications are heart disease, kidney disease (kidney stones or kidney malfunctions), and decreased quality of life and work productivity due to pain, disability due to joint contractures and increased treatment costs. *** [dr. LANIYATI HAMIJOYO, SpPD-KR, MKes. | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 22122011]
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