Video: Ex-Offender William White Tells All On The Lexi Show How God Delivered Him

These are the types of issues we are supposed to be dealing with in the family of God, witnessing to offenders whom allegedly raped or molested people.  It is a very serious issue, but that is what God's ministry is all about, to deal with serious issues and get the outcasts completely saved and delivered from sin. God wants to make the best out of people whom were once known as the worst sinners.  There is supposed to be so much love within the heart of a minister, ex-offenders like William White would not be afraid to attend church.   Have you often heard the church is supposed to be a hospital for sick souls? We think a lot of church people take that lightly, but it is very true.   Sick souls are those whom are desperately seeking deliverance and tired of their sinful life.   This is why we try to encourage ministers to try not to focus so much on the alleged rebellious gay and lesbian community, because God is looking for those whom are tired and will not excuse their behavior which offends Him, according to His Word. If the gays are tired of being that way, we are here for them, but they should not be the center of attention where we forget about people like William White.  Even if members of the black church refuse to deal with what is not popular, it is time for more pastors to be like Reginald Lane (below photo) whom ministered to William White.  God wants them to expand their ministries into opening up doors to ex-offenders, those whom are running to God for deliverance.

When you listen to this following video, you will hear the tears coming from a saved man who once described himself as a monster.   Let's talk about the culture of the black race, the culture is not only about what we wear or the music we enjoy listening to, the culture can also mean the usual way people oppress those whom are honest enough to admit what they have done and are remorseful about it.  Much of the culture, the way many blacks have mistreated those whom were once known as outcasts, what they call 'monsters' is what has destroyed unity.  How can there ever be unity in the black race, if family shuns their own relatives away, after they have changed their lives?   We noticed while listening to William White's testimony that he said his own mother and wife did not want to have anything to do with him when he was released from prison.   Isn't that the way it is for a lot of people whom have committed sexual sins and were not even incarcerated?   Many churches even turn them away or even if they allow them in, they will shun them in the pews.   Many black families and black churches have seemed to resent outcasts, even after they repent to God, they will not love them how Jesus loves them.   Outreach ministries like Dunamis Outreach Ministries are very rare, but if we can get many pastors of all races to show love to offenders coming out of prison, then churches will become more diverse, not just racially, but also spiritually.    God is looking for more churches to reach out not just to all races, but to all sinners whom admit their sin is wrong and desire to change.  Church members should be taught how to treat ex-offenders and show them love.   The alcoholic, drug dealer or drug user should not be more accepted than the offender whom willingly desires to receive God in their lives.   There should not be any prejudice and the offenders should not have to feel oppressed as though they are still a rapist or a child molester.   Imagine if Pastor Reginald Lane did not show love to William White, where could he go to worship God?

Saints, after you hear William White's testimony on the Lexi Show, you will see what God can do for a person whom once hurt other people, after someone hurt him when he was very young.   White is not looking for an excuse, he is just telling us how it all started back in the 1960's when he was very young and innocent.  This is why we say our real family is supposed to be the body of Christ, because once a wife, mother, sister or brother turn you away, God expects the body of Christ to be their family, regardless of their past.

If you have been an offender and you want Jesus to come into your life, we invite you to immediately go to our Salvation page to accept Him as your personal Savior.   We want you to know Jesus loves you and He can make you a new man or a new woman, but you must fully yield your soul to Him.  You have to surrender your life to God, if you want to change.  No longer, must you pay attention to what people say or how they mistreat you, block them out of your mind and seek God before it is everlasting to late.   Jesus died for you, so you could have life and have it more abundantly.   If you do not own a Bible, you must get one and whenever you do, go to the New Testament and read John 10:10, where it says, 'The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.'  So you know Satan wants your soul, but no matter if you have been a rapist, an ex-molester like William White, God wants you no matter what.   He wants to give you that inner peace, the Devil cannot give you.   So we offer you Jesus Christ and when you accept Him, do not stop serving Him.  Learn how to read your Bible on a daily basis, remain in constant prayer and also watch inspiring preachers, which you will see on our videos page.  God bless you, dear brothers and sisters.

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