Three Christian Ministries at risk of Colorado Wildfire

This is one of the worst wildfires, Colorado firefighters have had to deal with in history.  The wildfire is not only misplacing families and destroying their homes, but it is also maybe putting three popular ministries in jeopardy: Focus on the Family, Compassion International, and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We pray God protects these three ministries, including all of these families of over 32,000 people.

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Christian Ministries in Path of Raging Colo. Wildfire

By Heather Sells
 CBN News Reporter

Air Force cadets joined thousands of others forced to flee their homes as a wildfire continued to rage out of control in Colorado, Wednesday.

Record heat and 65 mph winds fanned flames that now threaten residents across four states.

Several Christian ministries are based near the center of the blaze being...Read full article, here.

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