Pastor Mark Jackson Past Exposed: Caught Up in Stripper's Extortion and Nude Photos

Pastor Mark Jackson, Alexis Adams and Marcus Shaw

Former Knicks now pastor and Golden State Warriors coach was being extorted by a woman he had a relationship with who was a stripper. The pastor and coach was being extorted for nearly $200,000 from an affair he had with a New York stripper in 2006. At the time of the affair, he was working as a ESPN/ABC broadcaster and married to his wife which nearly ruined their family.

Buxom dancer Alexis Adams and accused co-conspirator Marcus Shaw were busted for the purported plot against Jackson. Jackson initially paid out $5,000 cash for the six-year-old photos and a CD of his voice messages to Adams when approached by Shaw before an April 3 game in Memphis, according to federal court documents filed in Oakland. When the assailants wanted more money from Jackson, he went to the FBI for assistance in the matter.

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