Queens NY School Prohibits Fifth-Grader From Giving Speech On Same-Sex Marriage: Black Churches Should Start Strategic Plan to Teach Children Not To Focus on Gay Issues

You know, it is extremely sad that many young children like this fifth-grader Kameron Slade are getting involved with homosexual issues.   These kids are too young to know about same sex issues and too innocent to speak out on such issues in our opinion.   Not long ago, Slade was in his mother's womb and God's plan for his life was not to affirm gay issues, but to enjoy life as a child.  No child should have the thought of same sex issues on their minds, they should be focusing on playing with other children, studying and learning about God, not sex or marriage equality.   This alleged evil spirit is really strange and spreading across our land like a disease.   Kameron Slade creating a speech on same sex marriage is not the only thing that should alarm the body of Christ, but also the young children whom are requesting to have a sex change.  We say it is time for the black church to teach young children not to focus on issues that should be for grown-ups.   Furthermore, we thank God this school in Queens, N. Y. has prohibited this child from giving this speech.

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons why young black kids could be into gay and lesbian issues, is possibly because in their minds we have first black president, when in fact, President Obama has allegedly considered gay issues more than the struggles of the black community.   Possibly, they have been adopted by gay parents or have relatives whom are supposedly in a gay marriage.   Do you see how Satan has been trying to take over the minds of our young (black) children?  They are coming into this world discussing what many of us adults would not have ever thought about as children.   As you can see, it does not seem like there is much discipline in the homes, because if it was, we would not hear of young children requesting to change their gender.   

We question his mother whom did not want to be identified on the news.  What type of mothers today are allowing their children to focus on mature issues such as marriage equality?    She allegedly stated she was very upset that her son was prohibited from reading his speech.  However, God gets the glory, because all of the parents, except for one agreed with the school principle.  So, there is still hope to save our children.   This teaches us that we need to pray that God only allows virtuous mothers to bore children, only those whom fear God.  No mother whom opposes God's commandments should ever raise children, because their minds could be allegedly damaged before they are grown.

Imagine how God feels when Kameron Slade got press coverage as a young kid wanting so bad to give a speech about marriage equality.  What bothers God should irritate us, if not, then you must now be a child of God.  This young boy reading off this speech on the news, is something we would have never seen if President George Bush was still in office.   Therefore, this is why the black church whom is not a gay affirming ministry should create classes to teach young children to focus on school work and not on sexual issues.   Teach them how to read the Bible and spend time in prayer with God.   There needs to be strategic programs to teach children how to be kids.  It is the body of Christ responsibility to began creating programs to save our children from homosexuality.  Let us protect their young minds and spirits, they will grow up to be righteous men and women of God.

If you want to see the video of Kameron Slade, go here at NY1.com, but we will not post it here, for it is disrespectful to God. 

Source: http://www.ny1.com


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