Celebrity preacher, Creflo Dollar Is Having an Upcoming Teen Conference after alleged conflict with his daughter

Celebrity preacher, Creflo Dollar is taking a bold step to present this upcoming teen conference, after an alleged conflict with his daughter.  In our opinion, it takes courage to help other teens, regardless of your own son or daughter making headlines with accusations of being abused by her very rich and famous father.   Creflo and Taffi Dollar probably already had scheduled this upcoming event, but the fact that this event is going to occur, regardless of the Dollar's family problems being revealed in the media certainly reveals a lot of courage.  For any minister whom may have problems dealing with their teen, Creflo Dollar's perseverance is a positive example of courage for them to proceed to encourage troubled teens in their ministries and churches.

Although, we noticed hip-hop taking place in the house of God when this youth conference was advertised on a televised commercial, we think this is a very positive stop for Pastor Creflo Dollar to reach out to other teenagers and forget the alleged charges against him.   This is a different subject, but Creflo Dollar having this conference after the dispute with his teen reminds us of when we previously encouraged all of you pastors not to stop preaching against homosexuality, although your children may desire to be gay or lesbian.  It is very important for all ministers to pay attention to how Creflo Dollar is handling his personal family problems.  When some of our journalists watched him on television, they noticed he was very secure and did not hold his head down one time.   His perseverance is what any minister needs to have when their teen allegedly rebels, if he or she is not guilty of child abuse.  One thing is for sure, Creflo Dollar seems to be very confident while pressing on at World Changers.  At this upcoming conference, if many teens give their lives to Jesus Christ, it is so obvious why false allegations were made against him.  It is a definitely a spiritual battle.  However, we pray that this conference be different than any other teen event at any church, which is more of a move of the Holy Spirit, rather than entertainment.

Source and Photo Courtesy: creflodollarministries.org/Events/teenConference2012/Default.aspx 


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