'Teavangelicals' Ushering in a New Great Awakening? It Is Time for the Conservative Black Church To Also Rise Up for Jesus Christ

The name of this joint group rising up in America to take back this country for Jesus Christ is called the 'Teavangelicals.   They are in agreement to go back to biblical principles, the way God desires for it to be.   One group, the Tea Party and the other group, Evangelicals respect the Constitution, do not want high taxes and both groups does not want the government to spend too much money.  They are mostly social conservative Americans whom have joined forces to take back America.  However, we do not notice a great percentage of conservative African Americans among them, so there is a possibility with all the previous news about racial discrimination within the Tea Party group, not many will join.   We have a solution for conservative African Americans to take back this country for Jesus Christ, which could also be a New Great Awakening in our nation.

Our idealistic party for conservative African Americans and conservative Latinos whom are born again Christians to take back this country for Jesus Christ is to reverse it back to the original constitution designed by the Framers.   Across America, various groups would start among conservative men and women of God and they will gather on a daily or weekly basis.   This new great awakening for conservative African Americans would also inspire young children to become involved with biblical principles and to also hold prayer meetings among their friends.   Within the black race, we need conservative Christians to also rise up as evangelicals without fear.   We need to spread the word among pastors within the black church whom are conservative to expand this evangelical party, so we can return to God's plan for marriage, shield our children from sexual promiscuity, shield our children from sexual issues and teach them how to remain virgins, avoid communication with liberals within the black church and our family and to empower traditional family values based on God's Word.   This great movement will need a circle of courageous pastors to speak out against sin not only within their churches, but also at their prayer meetings, revivals and conferences.   This courageous circle of powerful men and women in the black church will rise up as political leaders and only support those whom are completely holy and righteous to lead our nation for Jesus Christ.   We must vow to no longer fellowship with those whom are not believers of God's biblical values, which is the tradition of conservative Americans.   

Conservative African Americans must abstain from worldly entertainment and to only focus on Jesus Christ as our solution to save our country.  Our evangelicals may eventually be accused of being 'strict' or 'dogmatic',  just like back in the old days and still in this era, many rebellious black men and black women complain about their parents not allowing them to become involved with worldly entertainment.  We need to return to strict biblical principles.  Many black men and black women whom have became rebellious over the years and opposed morals and values of what their parents and grandparents taught them should repent.   They should repent and change their evil ways, before they even think about becoming a part of this new group of Christian conservatives and evangelicals.   We will not longer deal with racial discrimination within the body of Christ, but we need more Christian conservative African Americans, including Latinos to become bold and rise up similar to the 'Teavangelicals.'   The average excuse is that the Tea Party has a lot of alleged racial discrimination against blacks, but we do not see that as an excuse to start our own party and all races will be welcome to join us.

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'Teavangelicals' Ushering in a New Great Awakening?

When the Tea Party started its political rise, the clear focus was economic -- specifically the U.S. deficit, taxes, and spending.  

Social issues took a back seat, but that didn't stop Christians from joining and strengthening this new movement.

The result was the "teavangelical," conservative Christians who are part of the Tea Party or at least agree with their agenda.

They travel the country calling for a better America, a return to Judeo-Christian principles and economic plans...Read full article, here.

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