The Ability of Player Tracking Technology

Technology development in the sport is not stagnant, continues to apply in today's modern competition. Two apparel company, Adidas and Nike, which will not cease to continue to innovate in the sport performance of athletes in order to achieve a more optimal.

Adidas miCoach
Adidas miCoach system is the answer of the apparel manufacturer based in the city of Herzogenaurach, Germany to rival that has previously released the Nike+. Judging from the features, miCoach offers a more specific performance of the tracking for a particular sport.

Now the company has announced their latest innovation for technology tracking devices aka team team tracking technology that will make his debut in the Star Wars Major League Soccer to be held in Philadelphia on July 25, 2012.
Tracking team results using the technology Adidas miCoach system attached to the soles of shoes are compatible. The results can be displayed on mobile devices with the Android platform and iOS. (Picture from:
Tracking technology is installed in the shoe, and will be connected wirelessly with mobile devices like smartphones, tablet PC, or laptop with iOS or Android platform. System that allows coaches to perform in real-time tracking of the performance of the players who are belaga in the field, through the display metrics on each individual player and team analysis as a whole. In addition, data can be shared with other players on the official page of Adidas.

This allows coaches to see information such as heat maps heat maps alias of the field and the pulse of the players. This course will help coaches to make the right decision. For example, determining the formation to pick players who still play or pull out a player who is considered to be exhausted. Perhaps with the miCoach application of technology in the MLS will affect the performance of the U.S. national team in World Cup Brazil 2014.

Competitor of Adidas miCoach system technology is the Nike+ technology which is made of Nike apparel manufacturer based in Oregon City, USA. The system uses tracking engine made by MotionX.

So whether it's Nike+ technology? A system that lets you know how far you walk or run and how fast you do it. This system consists of an accelerometer sensor that is placed inside the shoe that is compatible and a signal receiver that is plugged into mobile devices with iOS platform like the iPod nano, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and that serves as a receiver.
The latest update brings a nice new look to Nike+ Running for iPhone. (Picture from:
Nike+ GPS applications. (Picture from:
On 7 September 2010, Nike has released Nike+GPS applications, the advantages of this application that can be used without having to use shoes that have been fitted with sensors for this application using GPS. Then you can see the route you run in full, the following information as the area where you run quickly and in an area where you are running slowly. *** [TONI IRAWAN | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 21062012 | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES]
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