How Communication Between the Gorilla and her Baby?

The gorillas were much more tactile  
with infants than with other adults. 
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Mother gorilla was using some sort of "baby language" when communicating with their children. The research team Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, knowing that after watching the way of communication and record the interaction of western lowland gorillas.

Gorilla is an animal that has a variety of body language to communicate. Therefore, the team focused on facial expressions and hand gestures are used when interacting gorillas. They published the latest findings in the American Journal of Primatology June issue.
Communication Gestures between Adult Gorillas and their infants model the repetitive and careful nature with which we address our own children. (Picture from:
The research was led by Eva Maria Luef. He and his colleagues, Katja Liebal, recording footage at Leipzig Zoo gorilla lives in Germany and Howletts Wild Animal Park Lympne and the UK. The total duration of recording up to 120 hours.

Recording the results of the analysis indicate that the mother gorilla exhibit tactile motion while playing with the baby. This movement is different than when the mother gorilla gorilla interact with other adults. "They will touch and occasional light slap that baby gorilla," said Luef.

He describes the movement of the gorilla mother is very motherly to prevent her child does something undesirable. The movement called the hand-on. (This is where the mother gorilla lay their hands on the head (baby), " said Luef. "It means 'stop it'. "
Mother gorillas are actually using this movement to the other adult gorillas. However, in communicating with a baby gorilla, gorilla mother would repeat the action several times. The researchers called motherhood communication with hand gestures as a non-vocal motherese.

Luef said the motion used gorilla mother helps the baby develop an understanding of such movements as they mature. The point is to communicate with all members of the gorillas. "It also shows that individuals older gorillas have a particular awareness in the face of a baby who does not have the skills to communicate," said Luef. *** [BBC NATURE | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3910]
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