See the Personality Through Shoes

Shoes proved to be a door to find a human personality. Research conducted by psychologists from the United States indicates a person's character can be properly assessed through footwear.

A study conducted by the University of  
Kansas found that people can judge
a stranger's personality by looking at
the person's shoes with more than 90
per cent of accuracy. (Picture from:
Researchers from the University of Kansas test this by experiment involving 63 students. The study participants were asked to view images 208 different pairs of shoes owned by a volunteer.

The photos were used as a tool to guess the gender, age, social status and the owner of the shoe. Other characters are also considered, such as whether the owner of those shoes that are open or closed, liberal or conservative, and stable beremosi, to openness in this regard.

The results are remarkable. The students were able to guess 90 percent of a person's character through his shoes. Thus, consciously or not, the human personality through sepasang.sepatu glue he used. "The information about the wearer's shoe slipped," said psychologist from the University of Kansas, Omri Gillath.

Regard some types of shoes and the wearer's character seems obvious. Owner of the shoe with striking designs and colors indicate that extroverted personality. Shoes are always looking new longer owned by the neat and orderly.

Some other links surprising researchers. Practical and functional shoes worn by the friendly people. The boots fit with an aggressive character. The uncomfortable-looking shoes worn by the calm personality.

A person who has concerns about the relationship with the couple usually wear new shoes or a well preserved. According to researchers, it is caused by high levels of anxiety about the appearance and outlook of people towards this type of shoe wearers.

Shoes also shows the paradigm of thinking. Flip-flops are worn and looked cheap are usually used by liberals. *** [MEDICALDAILY | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3911]
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