More Muslims are seeing and hearing Jesus Christ in Dreams and Visions

In such a time as this when Muslims are allegedly seeming to attract national attention to their Islamic faith, God has been revealing Jesus Christ to many of them through visions and dreams.  As seen on this following video, a Muslim saw Jesus Christ in a dream and He touch His forehead and told him to follow Him.  These visions and dreams actually occur in the various lives of many people all over the world.   It is very important for the body of Christ to take heed of what God is doing and get ready to embrace former Muslims into Christianity.

When you watch this video, do not doubt how God allows Jesus Christ to be revealed to unbelievers and even in the lives of those who believe who need to hear from God.   Jesus is very real and although, we may see Islam seeming to be more of a dominant religion in America and abroad, in the spiritual world, Jesus Christ is winning many Muslims to walk with Him.  Therefore, as Christians we cannot be so narrow minded to where we do not believe in Jesus being revealed in supernatural ways.   We must be very open minded and be prepared to embrace former Muslims with extreme love into the body of Christ, because God has His own way of reaching them, even in foreign lands where Christianity is not so prevalent.

May God bless Brother Ali and the other unidentified saint on this following video and we pray they win many souls to Christ where they reside.

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Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ


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