South Carolina mom with flesh-eating bacteria improves: God Is Still Working Miracles

This is such wonderful news, after the nation was sadden by the Sacramento pastor who recently died of the same disease.  Lana Kuykendall suffered with flesh-eating bacteria, after she bore her twins. Kuykendall is in good condition, undergoing more than 20 medical treatments at Greenville Memorial Hospital.  She has been receiving medical care since four days after giving birth to Ian and Abigail in Atlanta.  This news is faith for all of us to believe that God is going to eventually diminish it.  However, we have a job to do and that is spreading the word for America to reverse back to morals and values based on God's Word. 

God is so kind to allow this young mother, Lana to be able to survive.   The blessing of this whole miracle is Him allowing her to live and raise her twins.   We can clearly acknowledge God is still working miracles.  He combated that flesh-eating bacteria that tried to attack Lana's body.   Satan wanted so bad to kill her and have her children motherless, but God stepped in and protected her. Now Lana Kuykendall is healthy again and able to hold her twins.   Therefore, when we look at this situation, we know God can do anything but fail.  If we ask Him to heal our land, He will do it, but He wants us to love, serve and honor Him. It is never God's will for any of His children to get caught up in sickness and disease that spreads across our nation, but in our opinion, He allows it to get the attention of others whom are rebellious and refuse to turn away from sin.  In 7:14, the Bibles tell us, 'If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'

May God bless Lana Kuykendall, and her beautiful twins to live a long and healthy life.

South Carolina mom with flesh-eating bacteria improves, faces rehabilitation

By Michael Martinez, CNN
 (CNN) -- A South Carolina mother who contracted a rare flesh-eating bacteria infection days after giving birth to twins is being transferred to a rehabilitation hospital Thursday, now that she has been upgraded to good condition, hospital officials said.

Lana Kuykendall, 36, has undergone about 20 surgical procedures, including skin grafts, at Greenville Memorial Hospital to contain and treat the spread of the necrotizing fasciitis, hospital officials said. She has been in the Greenville, South Carolina...Read full article, here.

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