Woman Lost Husband's Life Because He Did Not Listen To Warning Dream God Gave Her [Part 1]

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Woman Lost Husband's Life Because He Did Not Listen To Warning Dream God Gave Her [Part 1]

We found this posted on Facebook and couldn't help but share it. It's a powerful story of why we all need to listen to our loved ones because God can be speaking through them at anytime. There's no time for being rebellious at any age. Our lives may be at stake.

Posted on David E. Taylor Facebook page:

I'm writing to you all to share a powerful and very serious testimony. One day I was out with one of my sons in the gospel by the name of Jay Gregory, who is the Pastor at Faith Covenant Fellowship, a thriving church in Detroit, MI which is one of many that is under my apostleship. As Pastor Jay and I spoke he began telling me of a precious young lady in her middle 30's that had a dream one night that her husband died during a motorcycle accident on his bike.

She woke up and told him the dream. It was a warning from God. He and his wife both agreed that God was warning him about how dangerous riding his motorcycle was and that it could lead to his death. So he agreed to stop riding as God had warned. His commitment to obeying this command from God in a dream only lasted a few days. Within a few days he got back on his motorcycle bike and that very day he was in a motorcycle accident and died. He left behind his wife and children. He should have taken this warning dream from God as something serious and IMPORTANT!!
Will this be...

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Woman’s Husband Lost His Life For Not Listening To Warning Dream God Gave Her [Part 1] | AT2W


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