New Destiny Church Members To Boycott And Withhold Tithes

NDCC Boycott church to be heard
As you can see, NDCC is not standing for this new pastor and her antics per Paula White. We don't blame them one bit and we believe they are doing the right thing by fighting this to get justice in this case.
Here's the latest from The Orlando Sentinel on the fight to get the right pastor in their church:
Members of New Destiny Christian Center say they plan to seek the removal of church leaders over the selection of Tampa-based preacher Paula White to lead the church following the death of Zachery Tims.
Church leaders did not respond to a request to meet with members to explain the selection of White. Organizers of the petition drive are now calling on members to boycott Sunday services and withhold their tithes and contributions.
Opposition leader Eugene Roberson said his group wants to remove the church board of directors.
“We are seeking legal action,” Roberson said Wednesday.

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New Destiny Church Members To Boycott And Withhold Tithes


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