Bishop Earl Paulk's Torch of Scandal Handed Down to Bishop Long [Part 2]

Bishop Earl Paulk and Bishop Eddie Long
This is part two of pastors whom appear to be scandalous, not all by being mentored by Bishop Earl Paulk, but we can say there is a strong connection of scandal present.

We (AT2W) have researched and have actually covered extensive news on our Bishop Eddie Long page who was accused by four men Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LeGrande of sexual misconduct in Sept. 2010. The four men alleged Bishop Long lavished them with money, cars, apartments and trips while being members the church at ages as young as 14 years old. The pastor has since paid the young men off in an undisclosed settlement this year in May 2011. There was also an unknown 5th accuser, Centino Kemp who joined in the settlement but not everyone is believing his story completely.

But let’s not get into this news right now because it is just the fall after the rise of Bishop Eddie Long. In the beginning, Bishop Long became pastor of Traveler’s Rest Baptist church in Scottsdale, Ga near Atlanta in 1984 when Kenneth Samuels was pastor. There was a group of pastors at the church including Bishop Eddie Long and because Long could bring in more members, he was chosen to be the pastor of the church. Samuels admitted later that the people of the church felt Long could do a better job at growing the church than he could. Consequently, Samuels had members follow him to start his gay affirming Victory Church in Stone Mountain, Ga. Samuels’ wife subsequently divorced him after the ‘changes’ set in.

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Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk Allegedly Carried The Torch of Scandal [Part 2] | AT2W


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