5 USB Accessories Unique and Creative

Electronic gadgets so now in addition to the primary needs, also has become part lifetsyle. In the hands of creative producers, these devices are not only sophisticated but also fun when used, such as a USB device below (ranging from data storage, mouse, etc.). As summarized www.uniknya.com, following the form of a USB (universal serial bus) that is unique and creative:

USB data storage adopts advanced miniature photo camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II. With a 4GB capacity, this series of displays details about the same, for example the existence of lens EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM and all writings contained in the original camera is also contained in this USB. The most distinguished is the size is so much smaller. Oh yes, location of the camera flash is located on the lens which if removed would show ends its socket.
USB Canon EOS 5D Mark II. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/)
2. USB External Charger
Form of creative design and appearance is exactly the batteries in general, maybe people will get screwed up. With USB product brand rechargeable AA cell batteries, this British-made products Moixa has practical form. Interestingly, this hardware was not just able to store data, but also can charge the batteries for your gadgets (ranging from mobile phones, portable gaming, up to a notebook), because there is a function of the external charger this one product.
USB External Charger. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/)
3. USB Computer Mouse Coffee Mug
Often we find that the computer user to work while drinking coffee. That's why Louise Victoria Clinker, a designer from Denmark, making the mouse-shaped cups of coffee / drinks. With a name Mug Mouse, users can reduce the amount of goods at the computer because we no longer need a standard mouse. However, products designed for this research institutions Sloweb have disadvantages as well. If it happened to be filled coffee cups, mouse can not be dragged too fast because it could spill across the table.
USB Computer Mouse Coffee Mug. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/)
During this paper cutting machine is always large, so that we can not destroy confidential documents anytime and anywhere. Brando.com, innovative digital device manufacturer from Hong Kong, answering the need to create the smallest USB paper shredder in the world. With the price of U.S. $ 14 / Rp. 120,000, we can obtain sufficient paper shredder plugged into the computer but can be at once chopping 5 sheets of paper copies.

USB Paper Shredder. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/)
5. USB Heating Shoes
This is real. You can just plug socket to laptop/PlayStation3/Xbox, etc., heated work under your shoes. So if your shoes have not dried or need warm feet in winter, these devices can emit a warm temperature in footwear. Interestingly, the temperature can be set, namely high (temperature hot) or low (low). With a cable length of 120 cm of our gadgets, this unique device could be a solution in the winter / rainy.
USB Heating Shoes. (Picture from: http://www.made-in-china.com/) 

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