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The researchers from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign led by David Forsyth are developing an application that can insert pictures in another photo and look realtstis.
To generate such a level, this new software first to engineer a three-dimensional (3D) and pictures taken. A user asked to select the source of light in the picture so that an algorithm can create more 3D geometry and lighting a picture and insert an artificial object into his new environment.
This graphics program then adds shadows and highlights to the object before it is converted back into 2D. Light level object then analyzed and adjusted to the conditions in the image before it is inserted.
Photo editing programs that currently exist can only insert 2D objects without considering the lighting and the perspective of artificial objects and photographs. "People can quickly detect the photo hoax because we can accurately place inconsistency lighting in a photograph," says team member Kevin Karsch, as reported by Newscientist.
The researchers hope the new program is beneficial in manipulate data by adding the historical artifacts at the old photos. The new program is also useful for interior design because it allows the pendekorasi take one photo in one room and virtual experiments with different furniture. The creative work is presented at Siggraph Asia, a special conference computer graphics and interactive techniques, on December,12-15 in Hong Kong. *** [SRI | NEWSCIENTIST | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 22122011]
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