New Destiny Church Response to Riva Tims [Statement]

New Destiny Christian Center
Obviously, we are saddened by the course of action Pastor Riva Tims as chosen to pursue.

Her lawsuit is completely without merit and we are extremely confident in our legal standing. We will take all actions necessary to protect our church, its ministry and its reputation.

In the wake of her divorce from Pastor Zachary Tims in 2009, Pastor Riva willingly signed legal documents releasing all claims over New Destiny Christian Center and left our church to begin her own ministry, literally just a few miles away. So we are surprised to hear her now say, three years later, that she should become Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center.
As a co-founder of our church, she will always be loved and respected, but we are moving forward now with our new Senior Pastor, Paula White, and our focus is solely on the bright future of service and ministry that is ahead for our church. This lawsuit will distract us from that mission.

We wish Pastor Riva well in her service to Christ and we will continue to pray, as we always have, for the success of her ministry.
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