Grisly Detroit Murders Has Gotten The Attention of Seattle Officials Who Want Backpage Removed: Has The Deceased Escort Murders Gotten The Black Church's Attention?

Since the horrific news of these grisly murders in Detroit hit the press, we have given you complete details involving the deaths that may not have happened, if these deceased escorts had not placed ads on, allegedly.   Therefore, we not only send our condolences to these family members of the deceased alleged escorts in Detroit, but we also pray all four of the victims are resting in peace.   One more message is for the black churches all over America: 'pay more attention to prostitutes whom are risking their lives out on the streets like you those within the hip hop community.'  Do not let this Attorney General of Seattle Washington, Rob McKenna, Police Chief Godbee and Mayor Mike McGinn of the state of Washington be the only ones looking out for these young women.  You say you love God and claim to be a man or woman of His Word, then He expects for you to show it, by reaching out to these young prostitutes and help them find Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.

If you are a true minister of the gospel, you will understand the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just for the homosexual who may not even accept complete deliverance, it is not just for the drug dealer or drug user who comes into the church is most likely not ostracized by the church like the average sexual sinner and let us assure you, the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just for those who are among the hip hop scene who are so welcome because of they can bring in a lot money for the church.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is also for the prostitute who maybe neglected and rejected by her own blood relatives and reminded of her sin, every time she is around them.  Do not just build God's ministry on just winning one group of young people or just the younger age group, because hip hop can bring money into your church, just so you can drive your Bentley, live in a multimillion dollar home, also live in a condo in Trump Towers, shop at Neiman Marcus and where expensive designer clothes or even grow your ministry like a billion dollar corporation.  Too many souls of at stake for you to only think about being a prosperous celebrity preacher.

Dear preachers of the black church, white church, multicultural church, we want you to know Jesus is coming back and not only those in the pews and sinners within this wicked world will be judged, but also those who were suppose to win souls of all sorts to Christ and were disobedient as ministers of the gospel, whom will have to stand before God and give an account for their neglect.   This case involving a serial killer on the loose in Detroit, Michigan is a wake up call and it does not matter if you claim to be a pastor or a bishop of a church that reaches out to every race and nationality, if you do not reach out to all lost souls like these prostitutes you are not called to preach to anyone neither are you appointed or anointed as a messenger of Jesus Christ. It is time for the Church of God in Christ, the Baptist, the A.M.E., the Apostolic and even the ones whom claim they are interdenominational or nondenominational to stop pacifying the hip hop community and reach down into the souls of these prostitutes and win them to Jesus.   Start attracting those who are judged at being the most filthiest sexual sinners and put them on the front row seat when they enter the church.   Stop focusing on making your church a multicultural church and not bothering to reach out to various sorts of sinners.  Because how can you show so much love to races, without reaching out to all types of sinners?   Furthermore, instead of sugarcoating your sermons to satisfy the homosexual community and turning your church into a gay affirming church, you need to seek God and ask him to show you how to grow a righteous ministry, so you can be strong enough to witness to these prostitutes who are dying daily.

Your concern maybe more on whom maybe talking about you within your clique, but if you in a clique, that's another sign you are not saved anyway.   You should be preaching for Christ and not focused on keeping up with what the average preacher is preaching about, just to be more recognized and accepted as popular celebrities or motivational speakers.   God is looking for more full gospel churches and no more modern age corporate ministries.   Today's average black church for the past twenty years is aimed at being a multi-cultural ministry for the the hip hop and rock youth.  However, how many of these prostitutes are leaving the fast life behind and feel welcome to sit in the average black church?   Since there is so much prostitution in the black community, then it should be the black preacher's problem to solve, since the black church used to be and should remain to be the foundation among those within the community who are lost across the nation of America.

SEATTLE - A series of gruesome murders in Detroit has caught the attention of Seattle's mayor, police chief and the Washington state attorney general.

At least three of the four murders may be linked to a website operated by the company that owns Seattle Weekly - which state officials have been trying to take down for months.

The victims of the murders - all women - have been killed, stuffed into car trunks and then lit on fire, leaving the women's charred bodies burned beyond recognition - all in the past week.

The one thing tying three of the murders together is the online website, according to detectives. Investigators say three of the four victims advertised themselves as adult escorts on the notorious website.

They are the same type of ads targeted by Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna.

"We know this service has become quite notorious as a way to sell human beings," McKenna told KOMO News. "Now with the news from Detroit we have another tragic underlining of the reasons we want this site taken down."

Getting that site taken down has been...Read full article, here.

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