Father Beat and Killed Five-Year-Old Daughter Because She 'Accidentally Soiled Herself'

We can't talk about this animal for long, because we are just sad for this little girl.  We are sad for how this sorry father killed his own daughter by beating her to death, just because she soiled herself.   If this barely half of a man does not repent, God is going to send His wrath.   You figure a lot of black grown women are already emotionally suffering, because they have grown up without their father and hated by their mother for just looking by their father who probably did not even own them, but just looking at this case, we cannot understand why this young girl was hated by her own father and beatened to death for just soiling herself.  For him to do something like this, he must hate his own mother or just demon possessed. This is no doubt why he was denied bail.


Usually our articles are much longer, but this story is so sad, we cannot find more words to express our rage.  We are angry at this sorry male, not man.  We are very sympathetic for this adorable little girl, Mya.   However, we pray this sick individual find Jesus Christ.  He had to be possessed with a bunch of demons to do a thing like this. May our little sister rest in peace, because Jesus is the best Father we can have, He would never beat us to death, because He loves us.Rest in peace, Mya and enjoy heaven.

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Father 'beat five-year-old daughter to death because she accidentally soiled herself'

By Daily Mail Reporter

A young father has been charged with killing his five-year-old daughter after flying into a fit of rage when she accidentally soiled herself. 

Matthew Carr, 22, reportedly told police he had repeatedly beaten Mya all over her body with his hands because he was angry that she had had 'an accident'. 

The little girl was found in Carr's home in Baltimore on Monday covered in injuries to her arms and legs, with broken ribs, fractures to her face and blood in her nostrils.

Source and Photo courtesy: dailymail.co.uk
Photo Courtesy and Video:  http://baltimore.cbslocal.com


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