Fred Price, Jr. Teaches Wealth, But Allegedly Not Familiar With Corporate America

Now, here is an audio clip of Fred Price, Jr. teaching about wealth, but he never had to struggle to get it.   He was allegedly born with a "silver spoon" in his mouth.   You know, as a minister you ought to be familiar with the struggles of life in order to teach about it and Freddie as what they call him has never had to work in corporate America, allegedly.  We could not find any source that informed us he has ever worked a 9 to 5 job, but yet he teaches about wealth without even testifying about his experiences of struggle in the workplace.    It
seems like the entire ministry at the Faithdome, Crenshaw Christian Center is just based on wealth.  However, shouldn't we be hearing from someone who has life experiences with financial struggles before they became wealthy?   Really, can wealth save us?   Should wealth continue to be the main sermons at Crenshaw Christian Center?   Of course, we know it is important to the Prices to continue to teach wealth, instead of salvation, because they have lost a lot of members anyway, allegedly.  Therefore, Freddie Price's father is possibly pushing him to keep preaching it, to regain membership at Crenshaw Christian Center.

Fred Price, Jr. is carrying on his father's ministry at Crenshaw Christian Center teaching wealth as though he has got some life experiences in the workforce.  We come to inform you, if he cannot provide any testimonies of dealing with hardships of the average born again Christian, then He cannot teach about wealth.   Now, his father and mother, Dr. Frederick K. C. and Betty Price claim they came from poverty and worked hard before they prospered as ministers, but the fact they can now sit down while their son teaches the same sermons of his father is very unfair to people who are still struggling to give their tithes and offerings to support the luxury lifestyle of the Price family.    

Allegedly, Dr. Fred Price, Sr. claims he earns over $6,500 a week through Ever Increasing Faith Ministries.   If that is true, how much does "Freddie" Fred Price Jr. earn every week as pastor?   Obviously, a few thousand similar to his father goes into his bank account, of course we only assume it to be true.   

Just listen to this audio and tell us does Fred Price, Jr. have a right to teach wealth, if he has not allegedly struggled to get or have any experience dealing with corporate America.    Another thing, for all the Crenshaw Christian Center members who are African American, how can he help them, if they should deal with white supremacy on the job or in college, if he may not have had dealt with those sort of specific issues himself and so it is the same with anything else.  You cannot teach about anything, you cannot testify about.

Furthermore, the today's black church being left in the hands of children of rich prosperity preachers who cannot tell their testimony of coming out of poverty is a waste of time and does nothing for the Kingdom of God.   So, why can't we just hear about living right and let the prosperity sermons go in God's House?

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